Do you have a calf program you want to improve, 

taking it to the next level?

Download our FREE Fall Calf Barn Checklist  so you and your team can learn how to keep your calves, their housing, and equipment clean and organized this fall.


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Hi! We’re Colleen and Brooke of AVA Group Inc, a mother-daughter duo proudly raising 1400+ dairy replacement and dairy beef calves a year, in Northeastern Wisconsin.


While we currently have a state of the art, group housing, indoor facility, we also have experience raising calves in many other systems.


We have raised calves outdoors in huts, in group housing in a hoop building, on auto feeders, and everything in between.


We take calf care to the next level through new technology and the use of cutting edge facilities. We are always looking to take calf comfort and health to the next level, while keeping employee and environmental welfare as a priority.



We pride ourselves in the wide range of knowledge we have gathered over our combined 30 years of calf raising experience including raising dairy replacement heifers, dairy beef, and veal. We’ve had the privilege to be exposed to it all, allowing us to learn from each area and create the very best environment to raise our calves in.

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Just because things LOOK clean, doesn’t mean they ARE clean.

Our FREE Fall Calf Barn Checklist will support you to head into winter strong, by taking the time this fall to clean up what might have been overlooked during the summer months. You and your team will be able to keep track of what areas have and have not been cleaned and be reminded of areas that you might otherwise forget!



We can’t wait for your fall clean up routine to be taken to the next level and have your calves in the best shape possible this fall.