Dairy Keep 2 (DK-ll) & Navel Guard

DK-II-CR                              FRESHNESS PRESERVATIVE

Using a combination of the proprietary solution (Ike-Joe) and hydrogen peroxide, SCGS has created a non-toxic, non-hazardous formula that provides many uses for the animal care industry.

  • Preserve the freshness of the feeding process
  • Preserve water freshness in animal tanks
  • Cleaning and rinsing of animal feeding equipment
  • Barn wash

DK-ll-CR Tech Bulletin


Navel Guard is a new, iodine-free, ready-to-use navel dip for newborn animals.  This product uses a combination of Ike-Joe (proprietary formula) and green acid technology, along with isopropyl alcohol to aid with drying the navel.  The peer reviewed study demonstrates that the calves that were dipped with Navel Guard had 36% fewer infections than 7% tinctured iodine.

Navel Guard Tech Bulletin

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