Increase Sanitation without Spending More Time Cleaning

⬆️ Increase Efficiency

⬆️ Sanitation

⬆️ Calf performance

⬇️ Time spent cleaning

⬇️ Chemical Cost

⬇️ Water usage

Clean calves are happy calves!

Increasing efficiency, sanitation, and calf performance is something that we are always looking to do! Many times, when you look to improve sanitation, you end up spending more time, more money on chemicals, and more water to do so.

Getting water might be cheap, but getting rid of it from the pit at the end of the day is not! We are always considering the environmental impact of water usage on the farm, and always thinking of ways to save more water!

As for time, labor is one of the most expensive inputs on the farm. Anything that can save time automatically will save labor costs OR will increase work that is able to be done in those same number of hours!

We are and always have been very proud of our efficiency. We used to spend, on average, about 3-4 hours per week washing divider panels and grain feeders, 3-4 hours per week washing buckets after weaning, and 2-3 hours per week pressure washing pens.
We thought that was pretty good!

We now have more young calves than we have EVER had, and are spending LESS TIME than ever before cleaning, AND doing it better than we ever have!

We now spend, on average, per week: 1-2 hours washing divider panels and grain feeders, 1-2 hours per week washing buckets, 2-3 hours pressure washing pens, AND we have also improved sanitation for the entire farm while decreasing time spent on sanitation.

This bucket had been used for milk twice a day for the last 30 days, without being washed, only rinsed with warm water. Before spraying with DK-ll the reading was over 300. After a quick spray, it dropped the reading down to 1!

Not possible, that’s what we would’ve said, and at first we did say that. We spent some serious time trying to prove that this product was “too good to be true”. From trials with the calves to ATP meter readings to plate counts, we checked it all. Finally, after not being able to poke a single hole in the products safety, efficacy, and cost, we switched everything over. After over a year of using this product for all sanitation purposes, we still haven’t found something that it can’t do.

Spray down of buckets with Dostron system. Automatically mixes the water and DK-ll at the exact concentration you need. No more mixing dangerous chemicals together.

You’re probably wondering what this magical product could be.

DK-ll of course!

You might say, well saving 3 hours per week is nothing, but that’s over $2,000 in just labor costs alone. That $2,000 doesn’t account for decreased water usage, increased safety, decreased costs spent on chemicals, and increased calf barn/maternity pen sanitation (less scours, less secondary infections, less money spend on medication?!).

Do you want to know how much money DK-ll can save you and your farm? Message us now! We will put together a FREE customized savings plan for your farm.

If you think DK-ll might be something you want to try, message us! We would love you get you started. It is been the best addition to our barn in 2020, and it can be the best addition to yours in 2021!

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