At Home Lab for Milk & Colostrum?

Last month we talked about how essential it is to calf success to have clean colostrum! In this post we are going to show you how to set up your very own lab at home so you can make sure your counts are staying low and your calves are getting the highest quality colostrum possible.Continue reading “At Home Lab for Milk & Colostrum?”

4 Q’s of Colostrum Management, sQueaky Clean

On month two of our 4 Q’s of colostrum management, we covered quality, but only part of what it means to have quality colostrum. The first part of quality includes having adequate levels of IgG’s to help ensure successful passive transfer in newborn calves. There is another part of that, which we deem just asContinue reading “4 Q’s of Colostrum Management, sQueaky Clean”

4 Q’s of Colostrum Management – Quality!

Last month we covered the first Q of colostrum management, which is quickly. While making sure that colostrum is delivered as fast as possible, delivering high quality colostrum is just as important. Like we said before, the 4 Q’s are like a 4 legged chair, if you take one away, you’re going to tip overContinue reading “4 Q’s of Colostrum Management – Quality!”

4 Q’s of Colostrum Management – Quickly

Last month we talked about how it is essential that the environment the calf is born into is clean and and has low disease pressure from older animals. This month we are going to dig deeper into the maternity pen program and discuss how good colostrum management plays another huge role in the success ofContinue reading “4 Q’s of Colostrum Management – Quickly”

Day One, Cleaning, and Calf Performance

We all know the importance of a clean maternity pen and colostrum clean feeding equipment, but what does that really mean? What does that look like on-farm, not just a perfect protocol sheet? Over the next few months we are going to take a journey through the life of a newborn calf and stop atContinue reading “Day One, Cleaning, and Calf Performance”

Get your Maternity Pen People on Board

Knowing what to do in the maternity pen is one thing, but actually doing it, and convincing others to do it is another. To follow up on our last post about what a clean maternity pen environment should look like, in this post we are going to talk about how to get it there andContinue reading “Get your Maternity Pen People on Board”

Consistency is in the Calibration

How often are you calibrating your equipment? When is the last time you checked your milk distribution system to be sure you are feeding the proper amount? When is the last time you calibrated you auto feeder to be positive the amount of water and replacer is correct? Have you checked to make sure yourContinue reading “Consistency is in the Calibration”

Positive Pressure Tubes – It’s Not Install and Ignore.

Positive pressure tubes can be a great addition to any indoor calf barn, but there are many things you need to know before you add them to your facility. They are not and install and never touch again product. PPTs need to be properly designed, installed, and managed to be used to their full potential.Continue reading “Positive Pressure Tubes – It’s Not Install and Ignore.”

How Clean is Your Colostrum Pasteurizer?

Pasteurizers can be a great tool in any calf program, but they still require spot on management to be successful. There are many things to look at when deciding if a colostrum pasteurizer is the right tool for your farm. Today we are going to discuss a common issue I see with water bath pasteurizers.Continue reading “How Clean is Your Colostrum Pasteurizer?”