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  1. Dear Colleen/Brooke
    I enjoyed reading your blog and I am interested to know more about your business. We too are passionate about calf rearing having started our calf rearing unit in the UK from scratch in 1983, and reared hundreds of calves since. Fast forward several decades and we are still involved in calf rearing but now we are manufacturing and selling our own systems and offering advice on accelerated rearing and colostrum management. http://www.pyonproducts.com
    I saw your comments about DK11 preservative/cleaner and have been chatting to Joe Zeamer as I think his product might have potential in the UK. Are people regularly using this for controlling MAP in colostrum, or are they pasteurizing as well?
    Do you run a consultancy business? I am asking because we are about to launch our Heatwave milk warmer in the US but we would be interested to find a site where we could trial some different milk powders through it. We have had great success for 5 years in the UK and we know what works here, but we need to be able to recommend products in the US which mix up cold and could be stored cold (with preservative) and fed warm through our Heatwave milk warmer. Is this of interest to you?

    Kind regards

    Gill & Alan Dickson

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