Colostrum Management and Monitoring IgG Levels

Good Morning, Today, I am going to go through how to check the bloods for pass/fail, and what to do if you are getting multiple failure of passive transfers. Tools: Refractometer Tube of clotted blood and serum Paper towel Good lighting Process (with an ocular refractometer) Put paper towel down on the surface you areContinue reading “Colostrum Management and Monitoring IgG Levels”

New Calf, How Can We Do Better?

February 10, 2020 A new born calf just landed in the straw. You are responsible for the success of the rest of its life. What now? Assuming you are fortunate enough to be able to control the first things that happen to the calf when it comes into the world, here are the top thingsContinue reading “New Calf, How Can We Do Better?”