Consistency is in the Calibration

How often are you calibrating your equipment? When is the last time you checked your milk distribution system to be sure you are feeding the proper amount? When is the last time you calibrated you auto feeder to be positive the amount of water and replacer is correct? Have you checked to make sure yourContinue reading “Consistency is in the Calibration”

Positive Pressure Tubes – It’s Not Install and Ignore.

Positive pressure tubes can be a great addition to any indoor calf barn, but there are many things you need to know before you add them to your facility. They are not and install and never touch again product. PPTs need to be properly designed, installed, and managed to be used to their full potential.Continue reading “Positive Pressure Tubes – It’s Not Install and Ignore.”

How Clean is Your Colostrum Pasteurizer?

Pasteurizers can be a great tool in any calf program, but they still require spot on management to be successful. There are many things to look at when deciding if a colostrum pasteurizer is the right tool for your farm. Today we are going to discuss a common issue I see with water bath pasteurizers.Continue reading “How Clean is Your Colostrum Pasteurizer?”

Calf Barn Consulting Services

Year Plan – Complete Calf Program (~Best Value~) Program spread over one-year time frame Initial Visit Questionnaire Monthly Farm Visits Sanitation Audit Taking blood samples Spot checking colostrum management Recapping last month’s goals and creating next month’s goals Maternity Pen All protocols Written Printed Laminated Posted Employee training Videos One on One Quarterly meetings ColostrumContinue reading “Calf Barn Consulting Services”

Say “Sanitation” One More Time

Everyone preaches about this concept. You see it in every newsletter, every post, on every company’s website about calf raising, they might as well write it right on your forehead if you raise calves, am I right? That’s nice and all, but what does that ACTUALLY mean? Because when people just keep saying something toContinue reading “Say “Sanitation” One More Time”

When the New Wears Off – Transitioning Calves Indoors

You just built an absolutely beautiful new calf barn. Everything is spotless and pristine. You are so excited for this upgrade! Finally, no more feeding calves in the harsh elements. Just as you and your calves get settled in and start to get into a routine, things start to slip. You’ve never had problems likeContinue reading “When the New Wears Off – Transitioning Calves Indoors”

Cooling Colostrum as the Weather Heats Up

Many dairies will cool their colostrum outdoors in the winter. It makes perfect sense, you don’t have to warm up the freezer, you don’t have to take up space, the bags can dry out from being in the pasteurizer, it cools it quickly (depending on the outside temperature, of course), and it uses less energy.Continue reading “Cooling Colostrum as the Weather Heats Up”

Navel Issues Unraveled

Navel infections are tricky. They can go undetected for long periods of time and wreak havoc on your calf raising goals and plans. Like Greta Halahan of Singing Brook Dairy said, “navel infections are creepers, they sneak up when you least expect them to and cause trouble.” We agree! We had it happen to us justContinue reading “Navel Issues Unraveled”

The In’s and Out’s of Bacteria in Group Housed Calves

When farmers are considering going from individual housing to group housing, one of the main concerns is, “I don’t want to have more sick calves because they are spreading diseases to each other.” While that is a valid concern, there are many ways to mitigate the risk of disease transfer in a group-housed setting. Here’sContinue reading “The In’s and Out’s of Bacteria in Group Housed Calves”